USA Made Handcrafted Leather Goods

About Our Family & Company

Hello! We’re Matt and Jill, the creators behind Red Raven Leather Company, handcrafting leather goods in Clearwater, Florida.

Tattooed leatherworkers, musicians, and coffee-loving content creators with an immense love for our customers and community, our family has spent years building our business and brand to blur the lines between what’s considered “luxury” and what’s actually affordable for anyone and everyone.

We started our journey as newlyweds back in 2013, and have since been blessed with two amazing children since that time. Both of us being creatives people, we wanted to turn our passions into something bigger and greater. In 2015, we formed Red Raven Leather Company to share our love of creating handcrafted leather goods with you! Our goal is to provide you with heirloom quality products that will last a lifetime, but at prices that won’t drain your wallet that you bought last year and already need to replace... Ha!

Husband, co-owner & lead leather craftsman, Matt is the great grandson of world renowned woodworker, Earl Gresh. Matt brings his own style and artistry to the family workbench through his love of leatherwork and meticulous attention to detail. Every item he creates in fully handcrafted using traditional techniques from hand saddle-stitching to hand burnished every edge. Aside from working with leather, Matt also works in television creating tv shows and commercials, is a videographer & photographer, and is an accomplished drummer.

Wife, co-owner & social coordinator, Jill is the glue that holds our world and family together. Jill helps craft leather products, draws custom hand-tooling designs, shoots our product photos and handles social media coordination. Jill also works as a wedding and portrait photographer across the state of Florida and plays bass guitar like nobody’s business. 

Running our family business while working normal jobs and taking care of our kids and marriage at the same time isn’t always an easy task. We celebrate amazing times as well as suffer the hardships, but we do it together. We pour everything we are into our craft, our business & our family and we take pride in each and every handcrafted item we carefully create. Your support means the world to us and we are so glad to have you here!

From all of us here at Red Raven Leather Company, 

Welcome to the family!