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Tyr - Leather Cardholder


  • Image of Tyr - Leather Cardholder
  • Image of Tyr - Leather Cardholder
  • Image of Tyr - Leather Cardholder
  • Image of Tyr - Leather Cardholder

Do you always want to carry a full wallet or purse with you when you are out at a theme park, the beach, a concert or while working out? Of course not! The fully handcrafted Tyr leather cardholder is the perfect way to carry the essentials when you’re on the go! Carry your ID, debit or credit card and some folded cash in the Tyr cardholder and you’ve got the necessities covered while you have a great time!

Our signature Bright Tan and Red Raven Red colors are specially hand dyed and polished to produce a unique effect that lets the natural features of the hide shine through. This artisanal process produces a stunning marbled look on each piece ensuring yours is the only one like it!

Our Black color is hand dyed producing a smooth, rich color and hand polished to create a lux shine.

Our Natural color is exactly that, the natural form of the leather. No dyes are used, just a little oil and conditioner.

The edges of each piece are beveled and hand burnished to seal the fibers and ensure fraying doesn’t occur. We slick the edges to a beautiful polished shine and then hand paint the smoothed surfaces.

Our wallets are entirely hand-stitched using the classic saddle-stitch method. Known for it’s strength and long-lasting durability through heavy use, the saddle-stitch method uses a single thread with 2 needles crossing over each other making a stronger stitch than any sewing machine can produce.

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